Episode 54 – Natalie’s Story of Reclaiming Body Image after Sexual Abuse

For several years in high school, Natalie Kraemer experienced sexual abuse by a boyfriend. In this episode of Hope Reclaimed, Natalie shares with Ellie Herringshaw how she reclaimed her body image and confidence after feeling hopeless and worthless for so many years. Natalie is on a mission to show other women just how beautiful and worthy they are, no matter how badly they have been abused. Read More

Episode 53 – Reclaiming Body Image by Living With Confidence

In this latest episode of Hope Reclaimed, Ellie Herringshaw discusses how confidence is an important aspect of reclaiming body image. We must first have the foundation that God is good and that he creates beautiful things. The second step is to insure that our thoughts line up with the truth of what God says about us. From there, confidence will undoubtedly be an outpouring! Read More

Episode 51 – Reclaiming My Body Image After Rejection

In this episode of Hope Reclaimed, Ellie Herringshaw discusses how she is intentionally reclaiming body image. Through talking about her rejection, choosing to eat and exercise mindfully, and renewing her mind with the truth of what Jesus says about her, Ellie is working to face the pain of the rejection and create a new and positive body image. Read More

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The Reclaimed Community Summer Season

This June, Hope Reclaimed is celebrating the first anniversary of the “Reclaimed Community,” a hope-filled support group for women who are healing from divorce. Nearly 35 women have attended a meeting to share stories of pain and progress.

While We Wait

My confident, courageous and spitfire-of-a-Grandma is getting ready to go home to Jesus. I’m writing this at 2am as I sit on her bedside, watching her step a little closer to heaven. It will be…

Get a Room!

One Friday night a few months ago, I sat at a local coffee shop in an attempt to distract myself from the sadness associated with a breakup. My loneliness had encouraged me to accomplish a…

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